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Get Your Cash Within 24 Hours Once Approved!

Helping You Fight for the Best Outcome

Our mission is to help people who have suffered a personal injury and have filed a lawsuit for compensation to access some of their expected settlement to pay current medical bills and other day-to-day expenses. Our pre-settlement funding allows your client to relax a bit and not worry about his or her immediate finances. This frees them up to allow you to do your job — garnering the fairest settlement possible. When current financial burdens are pressing on a claimant waiting a potential settlement, they can be tempted to settle for less. Our pre settlement funding puts an end to that, and it lets you build your best case.

Working Toward the Same Goal

Our clients are your clients and we all want the same end result — the best, most equitable settlement that addresses their injuries. We work in tandem with the two of you during the application process so that we can weigh the merits of your case. This interplay of information between all of us is important to gain approval and get the plaintiff the funds they need now.

Streamlined Process

When your client seeks pre-settlement funding from us, we make the process as simple as possible, both for your client and for you.

  1. Application — Your client will provide his or her contact information, along with your information at your firm. We ask them to contact you, giving you a heads up that we will be calling to discuss their case. We don’t get into deep aspects of your case; we simply need to know its parameters, so that we can decide if we should supply pre-settlement funding.
  2. Review — We weigh what you’ve told us about the case, along with what your client has shared. If we have additional questions, we’ll call or email your client, so they need to be checking in.
  3. Approval — When we approve your client for pre-settlement funding, we’ll send out the contract to both of you. We’ll need this contract to be filled out, signed, and returned to us. Remember, this is non-recourse money, so there is no risk to your client should he or she not receive a settlement. The contract simply states that if there is a settlement, we are repaid the pre-settlement dollars, along with our fee.
  4. Money Received — We try and get your client their pre-settlement funds the same day we receive the signed contract. We can direct deposit the funds or send them by check or Western Union. With this cash in hand, your client can breathe easier, knowing they will have the funds necessary to pay accumulating medical bills and other expenses. Now they won’t encourage you to take early low-ball offers from the defendant. You’re free to build your case as you see fit.

We aim for this process to be:

  • Efficient — We work with only minimal phone calls and paperwork. Our approval process is the easiest information you’ll deal with in your entire case.
  • Simple —We work with text messages and email as appropriate to make it as easy as possible for you and your client to get us the information we need. This can even include conveniences such as digital signatures.
  • Timely — Once we receive the signed contract after approval, it’s our goal to have the funding in your client’s account within as little as 24 hours. Plus, there aren’t any upfront, hidden costs.

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